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picture me rollin' dough.

28 November 1983
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Readers of Natalie's Journal has said
----> Natalie has a poetic sense that chills you to the bone. Natalie has inspired millions! Buy your Natalie today.

-----> Natalie is hilarious, compassionate, and cute. She is a beautiful writer and reading her fiction, or just day-to-day posts is a pleasure.

-----> Nat even once tried to sex me when she was seeing someone, and i loved her for that. Nat is definitely the hotter twin*. i wanna eat her more than hannibal wants to eat his fava beanz, yo

-----> Coffee, orange juice, newspaper, ceral, and Natalie's livejournal is all I need to wake me up in the morning. A thriller, for the ages. Hard to put down, and easy to love.

-----> To be popular among women you don’t necessarily have to be a movie star. Just using Natalie is enough. You are afraid of hot weather because of undressing yourself. With Natalie you don’t have to worry about your figure problems. and if anyone says I took spam emails and replaced the product name with your name, they're LYING

*this is the opinion of the reader, and not the opinion of the writer. The writer thinks that you should be reading gamblore journal instead. She is more funny, and witty, and beauitful than this writer could dream of being.

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My names n.a.t.t.y. and I'm pretty much a big deal.


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